Chloe New by Chloe 2 Piece Gift Set for Women

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This is a used item, sprayed a couple of times, exactly as shown in the image. 100% authentic. Item in image is the item you receive. Retail price $155.00. Gift Set includes a 2.5 oz and a .67 oz Eau De Parfum Sprays. The most female of feminine perfumes. There is nothing remotely masculine about this; it's 100% girly to the core - including notes and design. The opening begins with a touch of peonies - its petals delicately releasing a sweet scent - wafting through the breeze as light purple freesia comes in and gives a subtle scent gentle and innocent. Lychee dries the top notes and adds sexiness. Powdery rose is evident here with a bit of a picante scent as the delicate buds of lily of the valley glide though the notes. Magnolia, similar to the rose, also brings spiciness but with a faint honey accord. The base is cedar and amber.